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MGB50 - A year to remember


'The only official MGB 50 DVD available!'
Special Features
- MGB50 Celebration Race for FIA MGBs and Work Cars, Unique coverage of this fantastic race using numerous on board minicams.
- MG Live! 2012 at Silverstone including MGB 50 Birthday Party.
- 'MGB - The Story' Multi camera coverage of this brilliant seminar event featuring Paddy Hopkirk, Alec Poole, Don Hayter, Bill Price, Den Green, Peter Browning, John Yea and Graham Robson.
- MGB 50th Birthday Celebration at Blenheim Palace: Interviews with former MG Staff who designed and built the MGB, owners, MGB50 Chairman John Watson and RV8 Powertrain manager Ian Pogson.
- Archive from BMIHT
- MG LE50 Launch
- Owner Profiles real stories from owners who love MGBs

The film documents the main events of the MGB50, including the FIA MGB only race and birthday party at MG Live 2012, the seminar 'MGB - The Story' at Amey Theatre in Abingdon and the main MGB50 event at Blenheim Palace the largest ever gathering of MGBs.

Soundtrack: ENGLISH Strereo
Copyright: John Lakey
Feature Run Time: 2hrs 22mins
A film by well known producer John Lakey, a motoring specialist who has worked on 'Racing Legends' Gear and Tears, Panic Mechanics, Top Gear, Clarkson's Car Years, The Car's The Star and many other titles.